Makers Corner: Takako and Maurya

Our Makers Corner today features the lovely Takako and Maurya of Tamakurya Boutique whose interests lie in sustainable living, and are the founders of a forward thinking business partnership that fuses African textiles with ancient Japanese traditions and practices.

Hello! Please can you introduce yourselves?

We, Takako & Maurya, are craft-loving mums who create beautiful objects and tools that are not impactful on the environment.
We produce Furoshiki — sustainable and reusable eco-wraps—from Ankara fabric and teach people how to utilise them as an alternative to single-use materials.
Tamakurya Boutique run workshops where we give an insight into this 2000 year-old Japanese practice of fabric wrapping and its history and development.

Please can you share your processes?

A Furoshiki is a single square piece of cloth which, when folded in ways that we teach,  becomes a functional and adaptable tool for wrapping, carrying and storing a wide-variety of objects; from delicate glass bottles and gifts, to books and larger household objects. Furoshiki are reusable and an eco-friendly alternative to gift-wrapping paper or other disposable materials, which are often not recyclable and disposed of in landfill or by incineration. Furoshiki wrapping is a multi-purpose and useful way we can adapt our modern needs without lasting damage to our precious planet and the habitats dependent upon it.

What else do you make?

We also produce a variety of hand-made products including hairbands, ties and garments made by re-using vintage kimono fabric which are all available from out Etsy shop and regular markets around London.

Join us at The Beehive Pub on 4 May 2019 for our exciting May Makers Market – eek!!!