Makers Corner: Frances Wood

In the lead up to our Spring Makers Market taking place on 2 -3 March, we have been sharing the amazing designer-makers who will join us at The Beehive Pub. Do take a few moments to read up on these amazing humans!

Today, we meet the lovely Frances Wood of Fran Wood.

What inspired you to become a maker?

I’ve loved art and design for as long as I can remember, especially print and pattern. Also I’ve been both a graphic and textile designer in the past. I wanted to find a creative outlet that would combine all the above elements and after doing a screen printing course in 2015, found the ideal process. After this I set up Fran Wood Design as an outlet to promote and sell my pattern inspired screen prints.

DIRECTORY Fran Wood Design 01

Can you please share with us where you get your inspiration?

I start by collecting images that inspire me. I use Pinterest as an online scrapbook to collate these. As well as this I take photos when I’m out and about and have a collection of art/design books.

And the very obvious next question, what is the design process?

My designs always start out as sketches/ideas inspired by my collections and I have lots sketchbooks filled with many ideas! Once I’m completely happy with a sketch, I produce a final image based on it. I often hand cut this from paper and complete it in Photoshop, making it into a PDF format ready for exposing to a silk screen. I then hand print the design onto paper and/or fabric products at home on the kitchen table. 

Twitter and Instagram: @franwooddesign

Makers Corner: Samantha Parker of Samantha Parker London

Who is Samantha Parker London?

Samantha Parker is a Surface Designer.

Can you explain your design process?

My design process is also a learning process, I find something that fascinates me and study it. I learn about the subjects habitat, diet and anatomy. I  then draw them and paint them with Gouache. The Artwork is then manipulated into patterns.

What is it like owning your own business and juggling life?

I am a full-time, work-from home-mum. Sometimes I find it full-on trying to juggle everything, but the rewards of looking after my son and doing what I love everyday outweighs everything else. I am also very lucky to have a supportive partner who has been telling me to do my own thing for a while.

Can you impart a quote, or words of wisdom to inspire those starting out?

Do anything you wanna do – Eddie and the Hotrods