Makers Corner: For Your Glory Gifts

Our next maker specialises in pick ‘n’ mix mini toiletry gift sets. As pleasant as the suggestion, these are not edible!

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Hello! Who is the lady behind For Your Glory Gifts?

Hi. My name is Kelly Kellz and I am the founder and creator of For Your Glory Gifts,

What inspired you to become a maker?

I have always had a creative flair and started making personalised gifts after organising my friends Bridal shower which included making gifts for the guests. Since then, I have incorporated other elements items adding greater variety.

What is it like to manage your own business, or like many, juggle multiple jobs?

It can be challenging, but I am an entrepreneur at heart and always dreamed of having my own business so this is just the beginning. I really enjoy marketing, networking and being creative so that side of it I don’t consider ‘work’ because I enjoy it too much!

Can you tell us what is it like juggling your passion whilst holding down a day job?

It can be a little distracting as I would love to do this full time, however I motivate myself with my day job by using my hard earned money to continue investing in new ideas, new ways of adding to the gifts an taking that risk that it might or might not sell. I like to have options myself to keep the creating interesting for me also, so I hope that also keeps my customers interested too to see what’s next.

Can you impart a quote or words of wisdom to inspire?

I am a big believer in the power of our thoughts and words, so everything I do is done with a positive thought, outcome or word connected. I have to say it works and would encourage others to do the same!

Thank you very much, Kelly.

Makers Corner: Gaby Gassner

It has been a while, but we are delighted to bring you the stories behind our incredible designer-makers.

Today we bring you Gaby Gassner who is the creator and maker behind statement jewellery using various bead weaving techniques.

Gassner_wrapWhat inspired you to became a maker?

Other makers & designers and artists. And figuring out that office life wasn’t for me.

Please describe the designing and making process.

It starts with some sketchy doodles of how an idea could work, followed by playing around with various combinations and different materials. My approach is very hands-on, making small tweaks can change the overall look, constantly evaluating if something works or not and starting all over again if something doesn’t work. You know when something is finished when it feels right.

After a long day designing and making, what do you do to switch off and relax?

I like to take the odd afternoon off and hook up with friends to see an exhibition, explore a new place or just have a chin wag over a cuppa.
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Thank, Gaby. Meet Gaby and her beautiful jewellery at Etsy Made Local Tottenham Christmas Market on December 1st and 2nd.

Etsy Made Local Tottenham 2018

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Following the success of Etsy Made Local Tottenham 2017, we are glad to announce that the Crafty North Londoner Etsy Team have been confirmed as a host for 2018.

We will once again open our doors and bring the sellers of offline and to two  venues near you!

A few places remain for our upcoming Etsy Made Local Christmas Market on Saturday 1st December. We are no longer able to accept applications from the categories of art, illustration and jewellery sellers. Application form.


About Etsy Made Local

Etsy Made Local is an annual seller-led, Etsy initiative celebrating crafters, collectors and artisans from across the UK. Between 30 November – 2 December, towns and cities will play host to a pop-up market featuring some of the best handmade gifts, vintage goods and craft supplies available on, to local customers.



The Crafty North Londoner Etsy Team is organised on a voluntarily basis. The sole purpose is to provide a platform for sellers who wish to reconnect with their customers in a face-to-face setting.

At each market we have held this past year, customers have commented on the high quality items produced. Simply put, we are all amazing designer-maker crafters in our fields! For that reason, if you are not selected to trade, please do not be disheartened. Most importantly, it will not be because your products are not up to scratch, but instead,  your category is over subscribed, or because through experience, we have learnt what does/does not trade very well on market day. We do not want to accept your application fee for the sake of it.


Once again, the Crafty North Londoner Etsy Team is operated on a voluntary basis. As this is a community event, all successful applicants will be expected to participate in the promotion of the market, may it be online or offline and assist with the setup or breakdown of the market. As the saying goes, two heads are better than one!

And just in case you’re not sure where to locate the application form, apply here for Etsy Made Local Tottenham and we look forward to seeing you at our bumper handmade only Christmas Market on December 1st (Tottenham Town Hall) and 2nd (The Beehive Pub).






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