Makers Corner: Claire Hill

Each person’s journey is a different one down the long road of creativity. It’s important to acknowledge great achievements, and challenges we might face and overcome.

We are delighted to share with you an artist who produces the best enamel pins, patches t-shirts and a variety of other items, Claire of Cobalthill

What inspired you to become a maker or, please describe the making/designing process?

I work as a conceptual 3D designer in my day job which is great, I get to draw and sketch most days, but I miss the final production stage of design. It’s so great when you design something from concept stage, develop it, and manage it all the way through production to turn it into an actual physical thing which people interact with. So, I kept coming up with ideas for products, mainly pun-related (ha!), on my walk to work in the morning, and then I just thought, well why not design my own products on the side!

I started off small, quite literally, with a couple of pin designs, and from there I’ve designed patches, laser cut jewellery, screen-printed clothing…all products which are in some way a reflection of my own personal interests. I’ve been running Cobalt Hill for about 2.5 years, and I now know that I get the most enjoyment working on products that are pun or pop-culture related so that’s the direction I’m going to keep taking Cobalt Hill forward with.

After a long day of designing and making, what do you do to switch off and relax?

I absolutely love going to gigs and music in general, which you might be able to tell from some of my products! I just love it when the whole crowd is singing back at the band, the sound of reverb, the post-gig chat, I just love it! I’m also a fan of going to the movies…it’s a couple of hours of being totally transported somewhere else, you’re not looking at your phone or getting disturbed- it’s just proper zone out time.

What has been your biggest achievement?

I’ve wanted to learn how to screen print for years, and this year I actually did it, which has made me very happy!!! I’ve still got a while to go, and I’ve made so many mistakes throughout my learning process to the point sometimes where I’ve wanted to give up (!!) but I stuck with it and I’m really happy with how my screen printed Tiger Shark collection has come out. It’s nice to have a hands on skill away from the computer screen, which can also benefit my business and creative ideas!

Can you impart a quote or words of wisdom to inspire?

‘If we wait until we’re ready, we’ll be waiting for the rest of our lives.’ (Don’t know who said it) You’ve just got to jump in sometimes, tackle something new, put something out there, and accept that perfection isn’t possible all the time if ever, but the doing and the progress is so so important and rewarding.

Thank you so much for speaking with us!

You can find the lovely Claire on Day 1 of our Spring Makers Market taking place on 2 -3 March 2019 at The Beehive Pub , N17 9BQ along with many other talented local makers and don’t forget, this is a two-day bumper handmade only market. See you then!!