Makers Corner: May Glen Design

We love learning more about our makers, their motivations and their ethical practices. Today in our Makers Corner, we have the pleasure of introducing a fellow local maker of tote bags, pins, tea towels, May Glen.


What is your link to Tottenham, Haringey?

I live in Haringey and in my spare time help run weekend and private workshops as a tutor for Tottenham Art Classes. When I can, I enjoying coming to the life drawing classes at the Beehive Pub that Tottenham Art Classes run on Thursday evenings.

What inspired you to became a maker or, please describe the making/designing process?

I did a lino printing taster course a couple of years ago and have been doing it ever since. It’s a process that is very accessible and you can do it from home without any large-scale equipment. I make my prints at home on our small dining table and find it an enjoyable contrast to my day-job spent at a computer.


What is it like owning your own business or like many, juggling multiple jobs?

I work full-time and make lino prints and illustrated products in my spare time. I don’t get the opportunity to spend as much time as I would like on it so my progress is slower than I would like, but it means I always have something in the pipeline to look forward to working on when I get the chance.

How are your products sustainable?

All of my lino and printed cards are printed onto recycled card and come with recycled envelopes, and all the protective cellophane sleeves are actually made of plant-starch and are completely compostable. My tote bags are made of high-quality organic cotton and along with my tea-towels are produced sustainably in the UK.


Don’t forget to stop by The Beehive Pub on 4 May and say hi to May and all the other amazing creative makers!


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Makers Corner: Takako and Maurya

Our Makers Corner today features the lovely Takako and Maurya of Tamakurya Boutique whose interests lie in sustainable living, and are the founders of a forward thinking business partnership that fuses African textiles with ancient Japanese traditions and practices.

Hello! Please can you introduce yourselves?

We, Takako & Maurya, are craft-loving mums who create beautiful objects and tools that are not impactful on the environment.
We produce Furoshiki — sustainable and reusable eco-wraps—from Ankara fabric and teach people how to utilise them as an alternative to single-use materials.
Tamakurya Boutique run workshops where we give an insight into this 2000 year-old Japanese practice of fabric wrapping and its history and development.

Please can you share your processes?

A Furoshiki is a single square piece of cloth which, when folded in ways that we teach,  becomes a functional and adaptable tool for wrapping, carrying and storing a wide-variety of objects; from delicate glass bottles and gifts, to books and larger household objects. Furoshiki are reusable and an eco-friendly alternative to gift-wrapping paper or other disposable materials, which are often not recyclable and disposed of in landfill or by incineration. Furoshiki wrapping is a multi-purpose and useful way we can adapt our modern needs without lasting damage to our precious planet and the habitats dependent upon it.

What else do you make?

We also produce a variety of hand-made products including hairbands, ties and garments made by re-using vintage kimono fabric which are all available from out Etsy shop and regular markets around London.

Join us at The Beehive Pub on 4 May 2019 for our exciting May Makers Market – eek!!!

Makers Corner: Claire Hill

Each person’s journey is a different one down the long road of creativity. It’s important to acknowledge great achievements, and challenges we might face and overcome.

We are delighted to share with you an artist who produces the best enamel pins, patches t-shirts and a variety of other items, Claire of Cobalthill

What inspired you to become a maker or, please describe the making/designing process?

I work as a conceptual 3D designer in my day job which is great, I get to draw and sketch most days, but I miss the final production stage of design. It’s so great when you design something from concept stage, develop it, and manage it all the way through production to turn it into an actual physical thing which people interact with. So, I kept coming up with ideas for products, mainly pun-related (ha!), on my walk to work in the morning, and then I just thought, well why not design my own products on the side!

I started off small, quite literally, with a couple of pin designs, and from there I’ve designed patches, laser cut jewellery, screen-printed clothing…all products which are in some way a reflection of my own personal interests. I’ve been running Cobalt Hill for about 2.5 years, and I now know that I get the most enjoyment working on products that are pun or pop-culture related so that’s the direction I’m going to keep taking Cobalt Hill forward with.

After a long day of designing and making, what do you do to switch off and relax?

I absolutely love going to gigs and music in general, which you might be able to tell from some of my products! I just love it when the whole crowd is singing back at the band, the sound of reverb, the post-gig chat, I just love it! I’m also a fan of going to the movies…it’s a couple of hours of being totally transported somewhere else, you’re not looking at your phone or getting disturbed- it’s just proper zone out time.

What has been your biggest achievement?

I’ve wanted to learn how to screen print for years, and this year I actually did it, which has made me very happy!!! I’ve still got a while to go, and I’ve made so many mistakes throughout my learning process to the point sometimes where I’ve wanted to give up (!!) but I stuck with it and I’m really happy with how my screen printed Tiger Shark collection has come out. It’s nice to have a hands on skill away from the computer screen, which can also benefit my business and creative ideas!

Can you impart a quote or words of wisdom to inspire?

‘If we wait until we’re ready, we’ll be waiting for the rest of our lives.’ (Don’t know who said it) You’ve just got to jump in sometimes, tackle something new, put something out there, and accept that perfection isn’t possible all the time if ever, but the doing and the progress is so so important and rewarding.

Thank you so much for speaking with us!

You can find the lovely Claire on Day 1 of our Spring Makers Market taking place on 2 -3 March 2019 at The Beehive Pub , N17 9BQ along with many other talented local makers and don’t forget, this is a two-day bumper handmade only market. See you then!!



Makers Corner: Noemi Bizzocchi

We love sharing the varied designers and makers that we work with giving you a good scope of all the items that will be featured at our markets. Please read on the learn of our newest member.


How did ‘nobi’ come about?

Nobi is a brand I developed in 2017, born from my passion for creating handmade jewellery. I work with polymer clay and my brand style is contemporary and minimalist. I like geometric, clean lines and bold block colours.

Where do you take your inspiration from?

My inspiration comes from observing the urban context and from much historical jewellery. Each piece is unique, hand-shaped, handmade, baked and then refined. Metal components are also handcrafted using 100% recycled sterling silver or stainless steel. I aim to create unique objects of design, expressing style, valuing the preciousness of receiving and wearing a handmade creation. This is important to me in contrast of a culture where mass production of identical things is available.


Why is jewellery so important to you?

For me making jewellery is a practice of giving significance. A jewel is a feeling, an emotion, a memory and through the simplicity of my designs, the purpose of my work is to enhance the wearer’s own personality and uniqueness aiming to make them experience a sensation of identity empowerment.

Find Noemi at our Spring Makers Market taking place on 2 -3 March 2019 at The Beehive Pub, N17 9BQ.

Etsy: nobidesigns

If you can’t wait until then, do check out her Instagram, @nobidesigns

Makers Corner: Gaby Gassner

It has been a while, but we are delighted to bring you the stories behind our incredible designer-makers.

Today we bring you Gaby Gassner who is the creator and maker behind statement jewellery using various bead weaving techniques.

Gassner_wrapWhat inspired you to became a maker?

Other makers & designers and artists. And figuring out that office life wasn’t for me.

Please describe the designing and making process.

It starts with some sketchy doodles of how an idea could work, followed by playing around with various combinations and different materials. My approach is very hands-on, making small tweaks can change the overall look, constantly evaluating if something works or not and starting all over again if something doesn’t work. You know when something is finished when it feels right.

After a long day designing and making, what do you do to switch off and relax?

I like to take the odd afternoon off and hook up with friends to see an exhibition, explore a new place or just have a chin wag over a cuppa.
Gassner_Palm_Or2 copy
Thank, Gaby. Meet Gaby and her beautiful jewellery at Etsy Made Local Tottenham Christmas Market on December 1st and 2nd.

Humble Beginnings

Crafty North Londoner is a very young group in the creative world of makers and designers.

There are many situations which can motivate an individual or group to embark on an adventure, and for Crafty North Londoner, it was the need to provide a platform for local makers in north London, specifically Tottenham.

Since the creation of Crafty North Londoner, it has become apparent there’s a whole community of Tottenham makers and designers beavering away behind a workstation, or knee deep in scraps of fabric, wood and a whole variety of ‘other’! The more we learn of others such as ourselves each day, the more excited we become because we’re not alone.

Over the coming weeks and months, we will be bringing you those very people who make up the Crafty North Londoner. Stay tuned for our Makers’ Corner series.