Makers Corner: Nur Polat Kantar

We are excited to welcome Nur Polat Kantar of Noar Ceramics to our makers market on 21 September (Bernie Grant Arts Centre). Ahead of market day, learn of Nur’s journey below.


I Graduated from the Department of Ceramics – Glass Design at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University in Istanbul. In the following 3 years, I was involved in and provided training on art, design and photography projects as a co-founder of Studio Koza in Istanbul. And over the years, I worked in private sector in the field of photography and graphic design.


In 2016, I actively started ceramics again opening up my own studio in Istanbul. Ceramics, with its therapeutic and transformative nature, guided me gently through an inner journey which led me inside to seek for myself, as is.


As a maker, I take my inspiration from this journey which is coming from the inside. On my ceramics, it is either a motion or a colour; it is a glitter coming out and blinking. Sometimes intense, sometimes gentle. Revealing myself to share and to spread…

And now I continue my journey in London, since 2018.


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Makers Corner: Luyi Brown

With our Spring Makers Market a mere nine days away, we’ve been catching up with our designers and makers ahead of market day.

Who is the lady behind the pottery wheel?

Hi. I am Luyi Brown, creator of Puzzle of Nature and I make ceramics which are all handmade.


Can you please tell us what inspired you to become a maker?

I started ceramics as a hobby about 15 years ago and got hooked!

I was working full time, as most people do, but I knew that I needed to do something outside of work that would help me relax, was challenging and gave me the opportunity to do something artistic. I didn’t think I was particularly artistic at the time. I started with the guitar mainly because my friend had a guitar which she never used, but I quickly realised that it wasn’t for me. Then I remembered when I was about eight or nine, I had a taster ceramic class at my local community centre and really enjoyed it. So, I thought maybe I should try that again and signed up for an evening class at Hackney Community College and I immediately connected with it, and have not looked back. Since then, I’ve moved a couple of times to different colleges and studio spaces, but now I make my wares at In Production at Turning Earth E10.


What is your designing and making process?

Most of the work that you will see on my website, Puzzle of Nature and Instagram are handmade and thrown on the potters wheel. I use stoneware clays, slips (colour liquid clay) and paper shapes to decorate my work and finish off with a transparent or white glaze. I leave the outside of some of my work unglazed but polished leaving the natural colour and feel of the clay.

How is your products and processes sustainable, limiting the impact on the environment? 

Making ceramics can be wasteful in many ways if you’re not careful. As I’ve improved over the years, I use a lot less water than I used to, I recycle dry clay using it again to make new plates, vases, bottles, etc, or as ingredients in slips.

Before we we say goodbye, can you impart a quote or words of wisdom to inspire others who are considering starting their own business?

The best thing I can suggest is to talk to people who are a little ahead of where you want to be and share some of your goals. The lovely thing about ceramicists is that there are people who are willing to share hints, tips and point you in the right direction. I’m sure the same goes for other fields as well.


Mother’s Day Inspiration Gift Guide 2018 – pt2

Welcome back to the second instalment of our Mother’s Day Gift Guide. We bring you another selection of our creative London makers and designers. Whatever you do, don’t forget to meet the makers on March 3rd at Green Rooms, Wood Green and join us for cake*!

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