Noriko Nagaoka Ceramic

Nami Large plate 2I was born in Osaka and have lived in London for 15 years.

3 years ago I started taking some evening ceramics courses, In May 2017 I joined the Turning Earth Studio as a part time potter and in July 2017  I have become a full-time potter and slowly developing my own design and shape.

I love nature and most of my items are inspired by it.  Trees, ocean scenery, the mountains, waterfalls, and animals all inspirations to me.  I love food, so when I make my ceramics, I always think about how I can make food look better in my plates or bowls.  Every day I explore finding better shapes, sizes, weight or better colours on the items that I make.

My ceramics are all handmade on the potter’s wheel and in moulds each one of them are totally one of kind items.