Makers Corner: Saffie Pluck

Etsy Made Local Tottenham will take place on Saturday 7th December (Tottenham Town Hall and the Bernie Grant Arts Centre ) and we are excited to introduce another maker who will join us at this bumper market, the lovely Saffie Pluck.

What is your link to Haringey?

I am a londoner from North London! I used to play basketball for Haringey Angels, and have just moved to a flat on Hornsey High Street!

Can you share what inspired you to become a maker?

Pluck’d designs was founded in 2015 by Saffie Pluck, who studied Product Design at Central Saint Martins in Kings Cross, London. The brand came about from Saffie’s interest in Products and how garments can be created that looked good but also served other functions. Although trained in Product Design, Saffie has always had an interest in materials and textiles, and decided to unite the two. The first range, Urban Wear was created through the idea to fuse everyday garments with material innovation, creating reflective garments that look normal during the day, but reflective at night, transforming the piece and making the wearer highly visible.

What is it like owning your own business or like many, juggling multiple jobs?

It has been a great learning curve, and has helped me to appreciate my spare time! I run Pluck’d Designs, whilst also being a full-time technician. I am also currently studying for my PG Cert qualification, so there is a lot to do!

How are your products sustainable?

I try where possible to source all my products from the UK or Europe. I send my yarn to be plied by a mill in West Yorkshire, and all products are made and finished by myself. I use brown paper and paper string to wrap my products, and I use brown tubes to send orders.

After a long day designing and making, what do you do to switch off and relax?

I often spin on my spinning wheel when watching the TV, or you can find me in the wood workshop or knitting!

Can you tell us what is it like juggling your passion whilst holding down a day job?

I find my job as a technician helps to inform my knitting, and vice versa. Being a technician is great as everyday is different, and being in a creative environment at the University of the Arts London means I am able to inspire but also be inspired by the up and coming art and design creatives.

What has been your biggest achievement?

Winning the 2016 GOLD Etsy Award in the Fashion & Accessories category.

What is your top Christmas prep tip as a maker?

Remember to make time for yourself!

Find Saffie in the Bernie Grant Arts Centre on Saturday 7th December.

Pluckd Designs – shop

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