Makers Corner: Mica Taylor

Our Seconds and Sample Sale is only a week away on Saturday 21 March, and we are excited to welcome Mica of Taylor Made to market at the Bernie Grant Arts Centre in Tottenham. Expect discounted skincare items.

Learn more about Taylor Made Naturals ahead of market day.

At Taylor Made Naturals we value health and beauty equally. Each of our products have been formulated with You in Mind. Our essential oil blends promotes physical wellbeing, mental clarity and emotional stability. That is a lot to ask for from a skincare product. However here at Taylor Made Naturals we believe in using naturally extracted essences to balance and harmonise the mind, body and skin leaving you looking and feeling fabulous. 

We use the finest butters and oils enriched with vital nutrients and minerals to give your skin the care and protection it deserves, leaving you with nourished healthy happy skin. 

Find Taylor Made Naturals at the Bernie Grant Arts Centre on Saturday 21 March. 


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