Makers Corner: Chantelle West

Ahead of market day, we love sharing with you the designers and makers who bring their exceptional products to market.

Today we bring you yet another, and are excited that Sew Lit will join us on not only 2 & 3 November at The Factory, but also return to Tottenham Town Hall for Etsy Made Local Tottenham on 7 December.

Read on, read on!

What inspired you to become a maker?

I had a passing thought in 2007 to make cushions which was quite extraordinary considering I had never felt a passion to sew. In fact, I was much more interested in creative writing but I did my research and like many early creatives I filed my findings away. The Christmas season of 2011 was when I suddenly became hungry to sew, I had became a mother and I believe that dramatic change heavily inspired me to start making cushions and Christmas tree ornaments by hand.

What challenges have you faced?

Finding a balance between being inspired and creating whilst also learning what is necessary to run a successful business has been challenging, what made it harder at the start was doing it all alone! Now I have business mentors that are accessible and give advice that is invaluable.

After a long day of designing what do you like to do to switch off and relax?

I love to read, write or listen to music! Me and my daughter are always dancing around the room.

Can you impart words of wisdom to inspire?

Honour what your quiet voice whispers! Feed that part of yourself that needs to be inspired! As a mother, carer and maker I’m learning to not feel guilty about taking time out to feed my desire for inspiration.

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