Live Methodical

My personal mantra has always been “get your sh*t together, Lucinda”.

I’ve spent a lifetime juggling tasks, staying on top of work & personal projects, whilst maintaining a healthy social. Life.

I’ll be honest, it did not work. I burnt myself out & it was tough. So, I took a deep breath, pulled out my label maker & built Methodical.

What started as a Productive Stationery Supply store has now grown into a place for you to organise yourself, your home, your mind & your mindset.

Methodical provides you with a holistic approach to getting your sh*t together; with workshops, coaching sessions, productive stationery & productive goods for your workspace & home, helping you apply practical & real-world experience to a modern working environment.

Methodical doesn’t sugar coat life & productivity. It’s honest, it’s truthful. It’s the label maker hitting you in the head & waking you up to what you could be.