Be You and Co

I’m Shelley the founder, I trained as a Beauty Therapist, Spa Therapist and Aromatherapist and have worked in the natural Beauty industry for 7 years. I have always been interested in natural products, plants and have a massive obsession with herbs.

I started selling handmade soaps online over a year ago it was something I was passionate about and gave me sense off peace and calm in creating beyoutiful products into my crazy life of looking after 2 gorgeous girls and a husband with a brain injury. Beyoutifulbys shopped open this year thanks to my husband who told me I would regret it and I was on furlough. I took a leap of faith. Here we are!

Beyoutifulbys Organic handmade and home-grown ingredients, our products make you feel yourself again changing your mood for the better and having a positive outcome, as well as affordable natural products.