Makers Corner: Mica Taylor

Our Seconds and Sample Sale is only a week away on Saturday 21 March, and we are excited to welcome Mica of Taylor Made to market at the Bernie Grant Arts Centre in Tottenham. Expect discounted skincare items.

Learn more about Taylor Made Naturals ahead of market day.

At Taylor Made Naturals we value health and beauty equally. Each of our products have been formulated with You in Mind. Our essential oil blends promotes physical wellbeing, mental clarity and emotional stability. That is a lot to ask for from a skincare product. However here at Taylor Made Naturals we believe in using naturally extracted essences to balance and harmonise the mind, body and skin leaving you looking and feeling fabulous. 

We use the finest butters and oils enriched with vital nutrients and minerals to give your skin the care and protection it deserves, leaving you with nourished healthy happy skin. 

Find Taylor Made Naturals at the Bernie Grant Arts Centre on Saturday 21 March. 


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Makers Corner: Hannah McCague

We love featuring our makers, particularly ahead of market day to provide you a taste of what to expect. The quality is always exceptional, and it never ceases to amaze us the great items that are produced with sustainability and ethical methods always at the forefront.


Today, meet local maker, Hannah of Hannah Elizabeth Design who will join us at Etsy Made Local Tottenham on Saturday 7th December.

You’ll be able to find Hannah in Tottenham Town Hall on the day. Don’t forget to stop by our second venue, the Bernie Grant Arts Centre as well.

What is your link to Tottenham?

I’m still relatively new to the area after moving here in February. I’m enjoying exploring at the moment and feel very inspired by my new surroundings!


What inspired you to became a maker?

I always loved art at school and in 2007, I graduated with a degree in Illustration from Bristol. Since then, I’ve been working freelance as an illustrator as well as teaching art part time. During my Masters, I began exploring digital drawing and that’s really when I started making my prints. I’m a passionate environmentalist which is why a lot of my work involves the natural world. I try to promote drawing as a tool for communication both in my art teaching and also through my illustrations.

After a long day designing and making, what do you do to switch off and relax?

Sit outside in the garden (weather permitting!) with a cup of tea. It’s the simple things in life for me!

Can you impart a quote or words of wisdom to inspire?

Do what you love and what makes you happy. Things that are worth achieving are never going to be easy – I try to remind myself of that when I’m having a tough day!


Find Hannah and her beautiful illustrations at Etsy Made Local Tottenham, Town Hall Approach Road, N15 4RY, 11AM-4.30PM.

Makers Corner: Saffie Pluck

Etsy Made Local Tottenham will take place on Saturday 7th December (Tottenham Town Hall and the Bernie Grant Arts Centre ) and we are excited to introduce another maker who will join us at this bumper market, the lovely Saffie Pluck.

What is your link to Haringey?

I am a londoner from North London! I used to play basketball for Haringey Angels, and have just moved to a flat on Hornsey High Street!

Can you share what inspired you to become a maker?

Pluck’d designs was founded in 2015 by Saffie Pluck, who studied Product Design at Central Saint Martins in Kings Cross, London. The brand came about from Saffie’s interest in Products and how garments can be created that looked good but also served other functions. Although trained in Product Design, Saffie has always had an interest in materials and textiles, and decided to unite the two. The first range, Urban Wear was created through the idea to fuse everyday garments with material innovation, creating reflective garments that look normal during the day, but reflective at night, transforming the piece and making the wearer highly visible.

What is it like owning your own business or like many, juggling multiple jobs?

It has been a great learning curve, and has helped me to appreciate my spare time! I run Pluck’d Designs, whilst also being a full-time technician. I am also currently studying for my PG Cert qualification, so there is a lot to do!

How are your products sustainable?

I try where possible to source all my products from the UK or Europe. I send my yarn to be plied by a mill in West Yorkshire, and all products are made and finished by myself. I use brown paper and paper string to wrap my products, and I use brown tubes to send orders.

After a long day designing and making, what do you do to switch off and relax?

I often spin on my spinning wheel when watching the TV, or you can find me in the wood workshop or knitting!

Can you tell us what is it like juggling your passion whilst holding down a day job?

I find my job as a technician helps to inform my knitting, and vice versa. Being a technician is great as everyday is different, and being in a creative environment at the University of the Arts London means I am able to inspire but also be inspired by the up and coming art and design creatives.

What has been your biggest achievement?

Winning the 2016 GOLD Etsy Award in the Fashion & Accessories category.

What is your top Christmas prep tip as a maker?

Remember to make time for yourself!

Find Saffie in the Bernie Grant Arts Centre on Saturday 7th December.

Pluckd Designs – shop

Pluckd Designs – Instagram

Makers Corner: Emilia Kalyvides

Ahead of market day, we love nothing more but to present to you a selection of our designers who make the markets what they are.

Today we are excited to introduce Emilia Kalyvides who will join us at Etsy Made Local Tottenham on Saturday 7th December at two venues, Tottenham Town Hall and the Bernie Grant Arts Centre where Emilia can be found.

Hi, I’m Emilia Kalyvides, the designer behind Design by Mils.

Having originally trained as an architectural designer, in 2019 I pivoted my career to focus on graphic design.

My work explores the relationship between digital and physical craft and the overlap between the two, fusing my interest in digital design and textile based crafts.

I make original letterpress prints using bright neon inks, riso print minimalist Christmas cards and hand embroidered geometric notebooks (along with quite a few other things!)

Design by Mills – shop

Design by Mills – Instagram

Makers Corner: Moji Kajubi

In the lead up to market day, 2nd & 3rd November at The Factory, Dalston AND 7 December, Etsy Made Local Tottenham, we’ve been catching up with the amazing makers who will bring their handmade items to market.

Today we caught up with Tottenham native, Moji Kajubi, co-funder of ARA Natural Skincare.


You’re fairly new to making skincare products, can you share how you are preparing yourselves this Christmas?

This is our first year in business so we’re very excited to be part of Etsy Made Local Tottenham. As we are Christmas rush virgins, we have been asking others for advice. The advice that has stuck in our minds the most is try to be as prepared as possible, including sharing when our last postal dates.
As we are relatively a new business, markets are a great way for us to connect with those who have a passion for natural skincare products, and instantly discover opinions surrounding texture, scents and what matters the most to our customers and tailoring our products.

What is your connection to Tottenham?

We have a strong connection to Haringey and Tottenham, our family have lived in the borough for close to 50 years. We’ve grown up here and still live locally. I think we are really lucky as it’s close enough to central London but you have lots of green spaces and places like Ally Pally. There has been lots of change in that time and it’s interesting to see new places popping up especially all the places to eat, drink and spend time with friends.

Can you share what inspired you to become a maker and what you are doing to limit your impact on the environment?

We started making skincare products as we wanted to ensure that the products we and our families used did not include harmful chemicals or man made products. With this ethos in mind, we try to build sustainability into our processes with little touches such as our packaging, we use glass jars so they can be reused, paper bags, brown paper wrapping etc. I’m sure there is more we can do, we use bubble wrap to project items when we post – although we try to reuse what the packaging came in. We routinely review how we can make our products as sustainable as possible and actively build this around our business activities.
Thank you so much for speaking with us. You can find the lovely Moji at The Factory, Dalston on 2nd and 3rd November, and Etsy Made Local Tottenham (Tottenham Town Hall) on 7th December 2019 along with many other talented local makers. It’s going to be a bumper handmade only market! Pop the date in your diary!

Makers Corner: Chantelle West

Ahead of market day, we love sharing with you the designers and makers who bring their exceptional products to market.

Today we bring you yet another, and are excited that Sew Lit will join us on not only 2 & 3 November at The Factory, but also return to Tottenham Town Hall for Etsy Made Local Tottenham on 7 December.

Read on, read on!

What inspired you to become a maker?

I had a passing thought in 2007 to make cushions which was quite extraordinary considering I had never felt a passion to sew. In fact, I was much more interested in creative writing but I did my research and like many early creatives I filed my findings away. The Christmas season of 2011 was when I suddenly became hungry to sew, I had became a mother and I believe that dramatic change heavily inspired me to start making cushions and Christmas tree ornaments by hand.

What challenges have you faced?

Finding a balance between being inspired and creating whilst also learning what is necessary to run a successful business has been challenging, what made it harder at the start was doing it all alone! Now I have business mentors that are accessible and give advice that is invaluable.

After a long day of designing what do you like to do to switch off and relax?

I love to read, write or listen to music! Me and my daughter are always dancing around the room.

Can you impart words of wisdom to inspire?

Honour what your quiet voice whispers! Feed that part of yourself that needs to be inspired! As a mother, carer and maker I’m learning to not feel guilty about taking time out to feed my desire for inspiration.

Sew Lit Instagram

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Makers Corner: Rhea Calloo

This Saturday 21 September is our next makers market! In the run up to market day, we like to introduce the talented makers and designers who make these markets possible. Read on to find out more about our newest maker, local Rhea Calloo.

What is your link to Tottenham?

I was born here and grew up in Tottenham just like my parents did, I’m incredibly proud of my area.

What inspired you to became a maker and what is your designing process?

I’ve always been creative. I’ll get an idea and sometimes I’ll spend four hours making it happen there and then, other times I’ll scribble it down and start putting the pieces together over time. My process with what I’m making now is a mix of both. I love to experiment with smaller pieces as well as sit and plan out bigger ones.

What is it like owning your own business and juggling multiple jobs?

I’m still figuring things out in the very early stages and trying to get everything to work around my day job. I work hospitality mainly for football events and sometimes it can be difficult to balance getting enough hours to both earn enough money and create things. Also hospitality work can be exhausting so some days i’ll come home with the intention of crafting in the evenings only to fall fast asleep after dinner!

How are your products sustainable?

I like reusing a lot of things… to the point where I really struggle to throw things away! It started with the galaxy bottles and jars where I started with alcohol bottles and food jars. I now also reuse the pots from fancy desserts made from glass and ceramics to make my succulent pots as well as some other ideas I have.

After a long day designing and making, what do you do to switch off and relax?

I’m really into video games, always have been so that’s what you’ll usually find me doing whilst trying to wind down. Like most people I also watch quite a bit of television too, I’m in the middle of watching all 20 seasons of Law and Order: Special Victims Unit from the very beginning.

Can you tell us what is it like juggling your passion whilst holding down a day job?

I’m lucky that my job is very flexible so if I really need to I’m able to take some time off to either relax and recharge or power through some craft projects.

What challenges have you faced?

My main challenges at the moment is keeping my craft area organised and functional. My desk constantly looks like a warzone. I did also very recently get diagnosed with ADHD which may also contribute towards that but I’m always on the lookout for clever storage solutions.

What is your Christmas prep tip as a maker?

Be that weirdo that starts preparing way too far in advance. You get to both spread the cost and avoid that insane rush towards the finish line as the holiday season approaches. Buy all those discounted seasonal items/materials in January, pick up/make gifts throughout the year and any other time/money-saving strategies you can think of.

Can you impart a few words of wisdom to inspire?

Don’t force yourself to stay positive. Feel all your emotions, accept them as part of the process and keep it moving regardless. We’re all humans capable of mistakes, none of them will cause the world to end but all of them are an opportunity to learn.

Rhea Crafts – Instagram

Makers Corner: Mariyam Khan

We are once again delighted to bring you another talented maker, Mariyam of Oh Panda Eyes.

Read on to learn more about Mariyam who creates jewellery based on literary works.


After a long day designing and making, what do you do to switch off and relax?

As I work a part time job and make jewellery when I get home, if I can get the chance to switch off I like to do as little as possible, I tend to live in my pyjamas and watch Korean dramas or read a book.


Can you tell us what is it like juggling your passion whilst holding down a day job?

It’s actually a lot more difficult than people think, on your days off you’re not able to wake up late, because you still have deadlines to keep. So, the best advice I can give someone thinking of starting their own business, be organised, make lists, remember sometimes you’ll have to let people down especially in the beginning, but it’s ok because once you get over that hurdle you’ll be back out enjoying yourself and more than that you’ll be your own boss!


What has been your biggest achievement?

My biggest achievements to date are having a piece in every continent, having a stall at London Film & Comic Con and more recently working with publishers to include a book with my pieces of jewellery! The challenge is being in charge of everything, it’s nothing like working for someone else, but that’s what makes it so rewarding.

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Makers Corner: Nur Polat Kantar

We are excited to welcome Nur Polat Kantar of Noar Ceramics to our makers market on 21 September (Bernie Grant Arts Centre). Ahead of market day, learn of Nur’s journey below.


I Graduated from the Department of Ceramics – Glass Design at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University in Istanbul. In the following 3 years, I was involved in and provided training on art, design and photography projects as a co-founder of Studio Koza in Istanbul. And over the years, I worked in private sector in the field of photography and graphic design.


In 2016, I actively started ceramics again opening up my own studio in Istanbul. Ceramics, with its therapeutic and transformative nature, guided me gently through an inner journey which led me inside to seek for myself, as is.


As a maker, I take my inspiration from this journey which is coming from the inside. On my ceramics, it is either a motion or a colour; it is a glitter coming out and blinking. Sometimes intense, sometimes gentle. Revealing myself to share and to spread…

And now I continue my journey in London, since 2018.


Noar Ceramics Instagram

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Makers Corner: Janice Stevenson

Our Makers Corner today features the lovely Janice Stevenson whose interests lie in sustainable living, retro fashion and culture.See hi to Janice this Saturday 6 July at the Bernie Grant Arts Centre. Until then, read on!Retro Sistaz – InstagramRetro Sistaz – shop

What is your link to Tottenham?

My family and I have been resident in Tottenham for the past 10 years.

What inspired you to become a vintage trader?

I am a vintage trader and my inspiration is firstly a love of history, culture and social issues and the ways in which fashion and styles have been influenced by such phenomena.

What is it like owning your own business or like many, juggling multiple jobs?

I do both. It’s extremely rewarding as it is challenging. The challenging lies in juggling a busy home life, but I am fortunate to have a great family which helps and is willing to plug the holes.

How are your products sustainable?

Both in business and personally, I never buy anything new (except food!). There no need to as wonderful items, clothes, household goods, etc, already exist and are more fabulous than anything manufactured today! All of my products are pre-loved and that makes them both special and friendly to the environment, saving on intensive manufacturing processes, air miles and pollution.

After a long day, what do you do to switch off and relax?

I go for a jog or socialise with friends.

What has been your biggest achievement?

One of my biggest achievements has been to move my products online as this is an expanding area which can save costs for a small business person like me. This has allowed me to sell to the world so I now think in terms of ‘selling to the world’ rather than from a ‘small patch’ in London.

Can you impart a quote or words of wisdom to inspire?

“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”
Maya Angelou: