Makers Corner: Nonia J of Pink Mushroom Designs


Who are Pink Mushroom Designs?

Pink Mushroom Designs is a one woman jewellery band headed up by Nonia.

Can you please explain the design making process?

The design process should be one of the most enjoyable tasks because it’s a huge part of the creative process, but in reality it can be fairly tough because it’s a question of, ‘Will customers like marine blue with copper or not?’ etc. For the record, that particular colour combination is spot on for now!

A lot of inspiration is drawn from wandering my home city, London, combined with my heritage which allows for an explosion of bold and colourful pieces. I’m a great believer in allowing one’s accessories to do the talking and make the statement.

What is it like owning your own business and juggling life?

At this precise moment in time… exhausting, lol!

It has taken many years before arriving at this stage in my life. I knew I had always wanted to work for myself, but was unsure of in what capacity, not to mention if I had the business acumen to succeed. In truth, unless you try, you’ll never know.

I have also held onto the day job which is worlds apart to jewellery making, but I really do enjoy as it includes meeting people from all walks of life and most importantly, making a positive impact.

I’m so glad of having taken the plunge and to be supported throughout this journey by my partner and family has helped tremendously. I 100 percent recommend to others who might be in two minds; just do it! (can I say that without getting sued – eeek?!)

Can you leave some words to inspire?

“Look closely at the present you are constructing: it should look like the future you are dreaming.”                      ~Alice Walker

Join Nonia and the Crafty North Londoner Etsy Team at Etsy Made Local Tottenham tomorrow from 11am – 4pm in Tottenham Town Hall/DREAM Centre, N15 4RY


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