Makers Corner: Borscha and Bristy of Thread & Rock


Who are Thread & Rock? 

Thread & Rock is the home-grown venture of two sisters, Borscha and Bristy. We create handmade bracelets which cater to petite wrists.

What inspired you both to became makers? 

Having inherited the petite frame from our Asian parents, there are two things we’ve always struggled with: (1) reaching for things on high shelves and (2) finding bracelets that don’t slide off our hands! Whilst there are many solutions to our first problem (e.g. a stepladder); for ages the only solution to our second problem was to avoid wearing bracelets altogether! That is, however, until we stumbled upon the wonderful world of Etsy!

We have always been amazed by the craftsmanship of our fellow Etsy sellers, and their stories have encouraged us to create our own bracelets. Our pieces are inspired by all things colourful and sparkly! We put every effort into our craft, from the design process, to the making and finally to the packaging of our little bracelets!

What is it like owning your own business and juggling life?

Our little business provides both a creative and therapeutic outlet from daily life. When we’re not making bracelets, Borscha works in Mental Health research and Bristy is in her second year at university studying BA Graphic Design.

Thank you very much Borscha and Bristy. Before you wrap up, can you leave us with some inspiring words?

“Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it” – Maya Angelou


Thread & Rock

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